Humble beginnings to 2013


New Year, Better Me

Took a short break over the christmas break to somewhere that is home to me. Rolling waves, sea breeze, kids playing, people fishing…it’s harmonious I think given the chance I would move to the ocean full time and never take advantage of its purity and humbleness.

It’s often that we get bogged down by the stresses and it takes A LOT to get out of a rut.
Now my auto immune disease was my RUT. How could I get past this impact on my life?! Nothing I ate was any good for me so what was I to do but wallow in self pity.

When I started the Low-Fodmap diet and started looking into what Sue Shepard had published I realised that my hadn’t ended and part of my healing was that emotional burden. Not believing that you can achieve what you dream of is the first hurdle in wellness. If you are skeptical and if are not willing to commit then you are doing yourself injustice. I blamed everything before I started to focus on what I could do for MYSELF. Every diet didn’t work for me but I never fully committed to it. Now I look back and face palm myself and think who was I kidding.

So today I’d like to introduce an inspiration. Jess Ainscough-The Wellness Warrior. Read her story, follow her blog and enrich yourself with her passion and knowledge into all things awesome. 

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