Inspiration and Goals

Inspiration and Goals


Today is about inspiration. I draw inspiration from Photographers, Chefs, Nutritionalists, Yoginis, Natural Healers and everyday people. I want to create inspiration for similar people on the same path or who are thinking of getting themselves better, healthier and fitter.

So 2013 is about goals….

This year I WILL (not want)

To lose 5kg

To run 10km

Start my photography business

Practise Yoga daily

Start to Meditate

Do MAN pushups

Be happy

Go clean and RAW

Eat Real FOOD

Stop shopping at a supermarket

Visit the beach as often as I can

Photograph some amazing people and places

Make a success of something

Support and Nurture my husband and his business

Be the best Mummy and friend for my daughter.


Renovate something

Goals, dreams and aspirations are important. It’s important for me. I need to be reading something new, striving for something new so I have something to keep me going and pick me up when I am down.

What are your goals and aspirations? What are you going to do to make a better version of you?


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