Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard


If you’re not into reading book after book or you just don’t understand why grains, sugar and processed foods shouldn’t be consumed when they are readily available and still recommended by dieticians and numerous health organisations then I ask you to read but one article by The Lazy Caveman


Yes it talks about grains and sugar, yes it recommends you stop eating all those delicious foods. But it actually explains the effect these foods have on your body.

Healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Paleo is not the be all end all and I still state that I AM NOT A PALEO DIETER. My allergies mean that I can’t eat grains, sugar and dairy so it is convenient to use recipes from some great Paleo Cooks. I eat a wide range of foods (with all the restrictions I have) all local, in season and organic. I eat meats that are pasture raised and grass-fed, seafood that is not farmed and my household goes through at least 3 dozen eggs a week. Yes I sometimes want the convenience of going into a bakery and picking up a donut and yes I still crave sugary treats and I treat myself to an improved version of them sometimes but I know what my body does and doesn’t like and I know what the effects are.

I guess my message ‘healthy doesn’t have to be┬áhard’ means that it is doable, you can make small changes gradually and see how you feel. By from markets, talk to your butcher, try some of my recipes and ask questions about how you can make changes.