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So now that we are all organic and heading towards becoming self sustainable I decided to compile a list of the things I buy weekly and how I can source them somewhere other than the supermarket!

Supermarkets are full over priced chemical laid food choices that are purely there for the consumer to buy and get fat. There is low fat, low sugar everything and of course that is the cheapest option there, so of course low income earners (like myself) are attracted to the shelf price as well as the nutritional label. I think it is time that people became educated on exactly what you are putting in your mouth and what it is doing to your body! As someone that had been there, done that I can not stress on how important it is to know what you are putting in your mouth and stomach and better yet your children’s.

I can understand how all the numbers and words that you need to google just to pronounce are overwhelming. It took me a long time to get my head around it and a lot of study. Thanks to The Chemical Maze it has become easier for consumers to understand what those ingredients are and what they all mean.

Download to your IPhone or Android today  chemical maze



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