Same me. New blog

I thought it was time to separate my two loves. My original blog is my first child and will always be my baby but with my photography getting busier and more people jumping onto my health and wellness it was time to split the two. I will re-post everything from the old to the new and will vow that my dedication to sharing my experiences through education and living life will only get better.

Eat Real-Get Real


Where I want to be in 12 months

Wow, isn’t it a great statement? Have you asked yourself where you want to be? Usually for me it’s every New Years Eve or EOFY where I pledge my hopes and dreams and aspirations.

But why now?! Why not?! So often we leave all our goals to one time of the year, but this time I am making sure that I look back review and re-establish where I am and where I am heading.

July I set myself a target business wise. I wanted to ram my photography business up a notch and get into weddings. I set myself goals-branding, marketing, research, experience. Well in one months time I will be shooting my first wedding. And I have two more booked after that. I would ultimately love to be inundated with work but small baby steps.
In the meantime I am thinking more business ventures. I want to do more with my passion of photography and really hone in my other loves and passions-health, wellbeing, life and food. I’m thinking food photography. Not just any food photography. I want to aim high!! Lets look at getting published, working for a magazine. I want to incorporate my love of healthy, real foods, yoga, exercise and all that’s in between and be able to advocate and express my passion through images.

What are your goals for the next 12 months? Where do you want to be and why?


Let’s work together and help each other achieve greatness in all aspects of life. Networking can lead to amazing achievements and really help you reach your goals and dreams