Weekly food diary



For the first time in a long time I logged a food diary. In the past it would’ve been for health reasons, gut problems…finding answers that I needed. This time it was because a lot of people ask me what I cook, eat and how much. Now I’m no nutritional expert nor dietician and will not say what to eat and what not to eat as it has to be up to you, yes I’ve been guided in my food choices and have done a lot of research into the way I eat and I have come a long way. I eat a lot of real food all freshly prepared and the whole family devours every last mouthful.

So what did I eat…..
Everyday I start my day the same way. ACV, lemon, warm water and cayenne pepper.
Oil pulling
Green smoothie (kale, Zucchini, sunflower seeds, pepitas, 1 banana, blueberries, green nutritionals spirulina, raw cacao powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, fish oil and water and or coconut water)

Monday breakfast
Eggs. I love boiled eggs and so does my daughter. We eat ours with spinach or kale, avocado and nuts and seeds. I serve mine with fermented veggies also. Accompanied by a small glass of coconut water kefir.
Monday lunch
Bone broth with Fermented veggies and coconut water kefir.
Monday dinner
Egg Pizza in a pan (always has left over sweet potato, broc, carrots, kale, and a few cracked eggs to form. Served with a slaw of fermented veggies and of course coconut water kefir.

Breakfast was a my granola with a smashed banana
Lunch was a raw salad with fermented veggie and tuna.
Dinner was ‘my style’ tacos. I use cabbage leaves as taco shells, turkey for mince. Seasoning and salsa homemade, guacamole, zoodles, caps, carrot, celery and tomato oh and fermented veggies

Another egg day like Monday
Lunch was homemade quinoa sushi of fermented veggies (seeing my ferments and kefir trend?? 3 times a day with all meals- I think you get the picture)
broth, eggs, salad, liver pate and nuts (travelling)

Breakfast- granola and banana on my way home
Homemade sushi with quinoa and tuna and veggies
Chicken curry with veggies (no rice but quinoa for the fam)

Chicken curry and veggies (love a royal breaky)
Salad and meats, birthday cake taste testing and caramel popcorn taste testing. It was birthday weekend in our house. All grain free, refined sugar free and yummy.
Grilled salmon on broc, whitebait. (We ate out)

Eggs, kale and bacon mess in a pan.
Cold roast chicken (I always have one in the fridge so I can broth it Sundays) with pate, raw veggies and salad.
Steak, salad, veggies.

Eggs and avo
Choose your own adventure omelettes
Roast goat, roasted veggies.

So that was my week. We eat different every night. It’s always a different cuisine as we get bored of the same tastes. It’s always colourful, adventurous and nutritious. Our snacks are mainly veggie sticks, a few walnuts but really we eat enough to get us through to the next meal.
I drink 3+ litres of water, pep tea, chai tea and kefir and kombucha throughout the day.

I’ll be posting my recipes too so if you want a particular one let me know.

Live, Laugh. Love and Eat Real


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