Chemical Reaction


I’m sure we’ve all had it but self diagnosed it as something else, headache, increased heart rate, insomnia, belly ache, terrible thoughts?! Sound like a bug you’ve caught before? More like a chemical reaction!

I’m talking about a chemical called sugar!! Being sugar free was best decision I made for my family and myself. I had never been a big sugar fan but I still ate it not realising the reactions I was having was caused by the white poison.

Now why am I telling you something that’s been flooding social media for so long it makes you want to pick up a cake and eat it?! Because I did just that and let me tell you it’s not worth it!
It seems every family gathering there is always some sort of refined sugar loaded dessert that every once in a while I tell myself that a small but won’t hurt. Our bodies are a machine made to function from feeding and fuelling it with nourishing foods that contain fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Now refined sugar is none of that. It is highly processed, and as Dr Martin called it, POISON. But we all know that, it’s been drummed into us, but it’s still available, it’s in a lot of foods and unless you are vigilant you can’t avoid it.

So what’s made me write this blog?! Well I want you to know that far too often we have doctors, google and ourselves diagnosing our bodies with a plethora of illnesses, disorders and feelings and taking pills and potions not realising that our bodies are expressing what I like to call ‘the chemical reaction’. I’m no doctor but I do know that when we consume something that’s undigestible, laboratory made and processed out bodies are going to react to it. It’ll start with a headache, irritability, insomnia, flu like symptoms and will peak with mood swings, ill thoughts and carbohydrate cravings at which point we then eat more or ear foods that contain other chemicals like preservative 223 and 220. We then fall ill go to the doctors are prescribed antibiotics (that contain sugar) and treat our symptoms. If bloods are taken and are normal we’re told its stress or anxiety and are referred to a psych and prescribed anti anxiety or antidepressant medication. Sounds extreme right?! Almost unbelievable?! As if that’d happen right?! Think about it though. When you’ve been sick, what’s caused it, really?! Not the cold weather, the person coughing on us. Yes they are carrying the bug but put immune system is low, why?!
If our body is working over time trying to process chemicals it leaves us vulnerable to outside pollutants, virus, bacteria. The answer to this (and yes I’m going to sound like David Gillespie) is SUGAR!!!
It’s not easy coming off sugar, it’s a drug, it’s addictive and you have to really be committed to checking everything you eat because sugar comes in all forms if processed, supermarket foods.

I’m not going to best my drum and say stop eating sugar, I’ll suggest reading Dr Martin and Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and let you decide.

Live, Love and Eat Real Foods



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