Australia Day Celebrations

As per usual a holiday with holiday food and if you’re like me and avoid having to join in the festivities because the array of food you CAN’T eat and WON’T eat is being waved in your face it’s just torture… then read on. I have an Aussie line up that will have all the Western Diet Eaters begging you for a bite.
This can all be done the day before, the morning of- You only need 2 hours out of your day.

Cold Roast Chicken
People seem to buy a chook from the shops, some rolls, coleslaw….no more!Image

1 free range, chemical free chook (trust me they taste better)

2 Tbsp ghee or coconut oil (melted but cool)
1 Tsp Turmeric
1 Tsp Paprika
1 Tsp Cumin
1/4 Tsp Himalayan Salt
1 large Lemon

Preheat oven to 180c

Grab a Roasting tray, pop your chicken in.
Cut lemon in half, pop both halves into the cavity
Mix spices and ghee
Rub all over giving a good massage
Season with salt

Cooking will depend on your chicken size but generally it is 30 mins for every 500grams.
Pearce with fork into breast (between the leg joint and see if juices are clear. Alternatively You could cut into chicken and see also)
Take out of oven, wrap in foil and leave for 20 minutes

Carve and pack for picnic or arrange on a platter with homemade slaw, a big bowl of homemade mayo and some delicious hard boiled eggs.

Alter if you are avoiding nightshades, or blanch before if you are avoiding raw

1/2 purple cabbage (shredded)
2 Carrots (julienned)
1 Red or Yellow Capsicum (julienned)
2 Zucchinis (ribboned)
Mix of a bunch of basil, parsley and mint

Toss all together in a bowl


1 Large free range egg
1 cup oil
Squeeze of 1 Lemon
Pinch of salt

Use a large jar that will fit hand blender (barmix) in
Place egg in first
Add oil, lemon and salt
Let egg settle to bottom
Use hand barmix, bullet and start pulsing.
Mayo will form quickly, work the mixer up and down
Add flavours like mustard, chives, dill, pickles, curry, chilli….whatever your taste is.


Yes, these are doable, I doubted myself and searched hard to find one that I was happy with.

6 free range eggs
2 Tbsp 100% Maple Syrup, honey or rice malt syrup (whatever sweetener you use)
2 tsp Vanilla essence
1/4 cup coconut oil (or macadamia oil)
1/2 cup coconut flour
2 tsp gluten free baking powder

1/4-1/2 cup liquid coconut oil
160ml coconut milk
2 Tbsp cacao
2 Tbsp 100% maple syrup or honey
1 tsp vanilla

Desiccated coconut to roll in

For the Sponge……
Preheat oven to 160 (or as I did, turn oven down from chook temp)

Place eggs in ball
With hand beater, beat on high for 7-10 mins (until they are super fluffy)
Add sweetener and vanilla, mix for another minute
Add Coconut oil, mix for another minute

Sift flour and baking powder in (I didn’t sift and I wish I did…lumpville)
Mix well.

Pour into 22cm slice tin (lined with baking paper fully)
Bake for 25 minutes
Leave to cool for 30 mins before removing from tray
Cut into squares when completely cool

For the Chocolate…..
Make sure coconut oil is liquid (and maybe a little warm)
Add all ingredients to bowl
With hand mixer, mix on low for a minute until combined

Now you can slice these squares in half and spread some chia jam on them or go as is
Dunk squares into chocolate
Roll around in coconut and place on cooling rack
Place in fridge to fully set

Fried Rice

Picture is before cauli-rice (leftover cauli from lunch was thrown in by my daughter)

1 whole cauliflower (heads cut)
1 zucchini
1 Carrot
1 Sweet Potato
1 cup brocoli florets
1 bokchoy
3 Rash (chemical free) bacon
2 Free Range Eggs
Handful coriander
2 Tbsp Tamari
A few drops of fish sauce
Salt and Pepper

In food processor place cauliflower and pulse until it crumbles to rice consistency
Place in saucepan with 1 Tbsp water, lid on and on low heat for a couple of minutes (personal thing, I like it not 100% raw for my digestion. Raw is fine though)

Dice veggies to same size.
Cut Bacon into strips (2cmx3cm)

Add a little ghee to pan, fry off bacon
Add veggies and fry until soft. (keep tossing/stirring to avoid uneven cooking)
Add tamari, fish sauce to two beaten eggs
Make and well in centre of veg and pour egg
Once egg is cooked
Slice into strips in pan

Salt and pepper to taste

Leave to cool

Add cauli-rice and coriander

That there my friends is a recipe for Australia Day success.
Pop the carcass into the slow cooker before you leave and get some bone broth going for post-Australia day cure.
Enjoy your day, celebrate like a true Aussie, listen to JJJ Hottest 100, grab some Vitamin D and laugh with friends and family.

Bone Broth

My family eat a very clean, nourishing diet. We either exercise daily, practise yoga, meditate and avoid chemicals as best we can. However we are three small beings in comparison to the world we haven’t got a chance of conquering all the elements. Whether it be a hidden number in foods, an indulgence that bites us in the bum, pollution, the environment is full of things we just can’t avoid, really?!.

As stated last week, candida is a real pain in the intestines, it hangs, it holas, it really really annoys me. I see so many people that have overgrowth and continually feed the suckers without knowing so hopefully you’ve all got the lowdown on candida now and are taking control of your gut.

One way we nourish our bodies and build defence against overgrowth as well as eliminating inflammation, cleansing our system and establish building blocks for ultimate health is through bone broth. Wonderful gelatinous goodness that I strongly suggest adding to your lifestyle NOW.

My two favourite recipes:

Chicken Bone Broth (in the slow cooker)


Either a cooked chicken carcass (we roast a chicken a week)
Chicken necks, wings (raw)

A couple of carrots chopped
Onion chopped (optional of course we are an onion free house)
Green Beans
Kale, Spinach, Cabbage (the left overs that haven’t gone to compost or whats left in the fridge)

1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (this helps bring all the goodness out of the bones and into the broth)
2 tsp Himalayan Salt
Herbs of choice (bay leaf, oregano, thyme, basil)

Water (filtered preferably)

Put everything in the slow cooker, set to low and leave for 24-36 hours (yes that long)
Strain the Broth and leave to cool.
Depending on the collagen from the bones your broth can turn to jelly (this is good, very good)
Add Great Lakes Gelatin if you like (buy from here)
Portion and freeze


Beef Bone Broth (two steps)

Buy your bones from the butcher. If you’ve got a good butcher they’ll give them to you for nothing
Roast the bones for 3 hours at 180
Transfer to slow cooker

Just as above add a few veggies, herbs, ACV, water

Cook on Low for 24-36 hours and strain, cool and jar up!


We freeze ours in recycled jars of different sizes. We have it with our meals  as a drink, we make soups, gravies, stews, casseroles. Anything we can. My daughter loves a cup of broth with her lunch. I love broth an egg and lacto-fermented veggies….so nourishing.


Best thing about broth, you just leave it to do its thing and then reap the benefits.
Try some this week, it will truly change your life!

Keep eating real food!

Recipe of the Day

Thursdays are Pizza night in our house.

There are many different types of gluten free pizza bases ranging from quinoa, cauliflower, almond and coconut flour. All great alternatives but are all still a little dense for me after an evening training session.

So I have invented (I’m sure someone else has produced this) an alternative that incorporates a few of the above and can be used for 3 things….WINNING


Savoury Pancake, Wrap, Pizza Base

Makes 2-4 (depending on thickness and size of pan)
Time 10 minutes 



  • 5 eggs (separated, egg whites whisked to fluffy)
  • Herbs of choice (love oregano, basil , chilli and thyme for pizza)
  • **1 heaped Tbsp Coconut flour (depending on egg consistency you may need to add a little extra)
  • pinch Himalayan salt


  • Whisk egg whites until fluffy, add beaten yolks and combine.
  • Add Flour.
    **You’re looking for a batter consistency, if you’re eggs are big or small you’ll need more or less but remember that coconut flour is thirsty so let the mixture sit before adding more of anything
  • Add herbs and salt and combine.
  • Now the cool bit….
  • Cut a sheet of parchment paper to the size of the saucepan you’ll use (You’ll need two of these cutouts- Make sure they cover the sides not just the bottom, you want to be able to pick the paper up)
  • Use a little of coconut oil and rub on the under side of one piece. Place in the heated saucepan.
  • Pour batter to cover base of saucepan. Thickness is entirely up to you. Thin for a wrap, thicker for pancake and pizza.
  • The base will start cooking pretty quickly. Like a pancake you’ll get those little bubbles and you’ll see that it’s cooking through.
  • Lift the paper and check the base, when it’s a golden brown and the top is setting its time to finish this baby off.
  • Remove the base and place the second parchment piece in the saucepan, flip the base into the pan.
  • The browning of this side will take only a few minutes, keep close watch.
  • Remove from the pan, leave to cool.
  • Top as you would a pizza, cook in oven for 5 minutes under grill
  • Add your favourite wrap ingredients and roll
  • Top with come cashew cheese, kefir cheese, chives and bacon and nom nom on a savoury pancake



When you just feel OFF

A long post this week, sorry but when I get passionate you can’t shut me up.

Far too often foods sneak back into my diet. Sometimes from lack of knowledge, sometimes from lack of caring. Everyday I fill my brain with more and more knowledge of health and wellness so that I can be the best version of me., sometimes I win, sometimes I stumble.

As Christmas, camping and New Years flew by I was pretty damn happy with myself and avoiding allergens, however sometimes a bowl of pretzels or dark chocolate is a major roadblock. It has been a long time since I consumed anything commercial considering my track record of how my body reacts to these foods that contain numbers and ingredients that even Google pronunciation can’t figure out how to say them.
Everybody reacts differently to foods, some people don’t react to anything (that they’re aware of) and sometimes I curse and envy people that have iron guts and immune systems built of platinum. If however you have indulged over Christmas, looked and scales and are not happy, feel the pants a bit tighter, the bikini not looking as rocking as November 2013 I thought I’d share some knowledge on what might have and unfortunately still happening without you knowing.


My old mate Candida would have to be my least favourite experience to date. If you’re thinking vaginal thrush then no, go to a pharmacist and get some cream for that stuff. I’m talking about this little species of nasty that lays dormant feeds off sugars and is the cause of many an autoimmune disorder. It’s not about eating lollies, chocolates and all that confectionary. Sugars are in a lot of processed foods. Pretzels as salty as they are contain sugar. This last week alone I have mistakenly eating my way through so much more fruit than normal…..ALARM bells!!
Candida exists in the body, it’s a fungus that is a form of yeast. Everyone has it and it is present in our mouth and intestines. When this little sucker is overproduced it affects our intestines and releases toxins into our bloodstream. Heard of leaky gut syndrome? Yep, that little sucker is a contributor that! What I found the most important part of Candida and before you click next and dismiss the topic is what else it causes that you wouldn’t think it could. Candida is a major contributor to a lot of mood disorders, behavioural issues, digestive problems, seasonal allergies, mucous build up, colds and flu, skin changes and even snoring. Yes, what was once just a vaginal thing that was caused my antibiotics or sex or something the doctors have said now expands to a whole lot more…trust me, don’t dismiss this!
So you’re thinking great, you have Candida? Great! How the heck did you feed that little thing?!
• Carbohydrates=sugar feed yeast. Now don’t go cutting all Carbs, I’m talking refined carbohydrates (honey, sugar, maple syrup, flours, rice, refined cereals, all store bought gluten and gluten free products, sauces for more info check out There are still carbohydrates you can consume through vegetable form.
• Alcohol- yep that’s a yeast feeder right there. My nemesis to be honest. Alcohol is still something that I consume, not as regularly as I used to (*cough daily *cough) but it’s simple pleasure that I love. I’ve changed what I do drink though.
• The pill. Urgh the damn pill! It’s been all the news of late, it’s the number one contraception and in that an unavoidable candida feeder for some
• Fermented foods….really I know, it’s heartbreaking!
• Stress. Ha you’re thinking great stress will cause my gut to leak so I have to find a way to never be stressed again. Basically yes!
• Antibiotics. It’s not just a topical thrush problem. Repeated antibiotic use does a lot of damage to your gut, trust me I’ve been there!

So now you see what this thing feeds on let’s talk about what happens when it starts to grow way too much. I mentioned earlier that it’s a major contributor to a lot of issues and disorders, for me when I know that my Candida is getting out of control I notice mood swings, sugar cravings (to the point I don’t even realize that I am eating sugar until after), carb cravings (like wanting to sink my head into a cake) I bloat from nothing, my clothes are tight, I gain 3-4kgs quickly and my skin changes colour, my eyes change, dark circles, rashes, sinusitis, morning mucous (the biggest indictor right there), asthma flare up and of course my favourite toilet troubles. All signs of Christmas indulgence hey?! More like Candida indulgence!!!

But as there is a reaction for every action we can reverse and kill off the little sucker so it sticks to it’s real job and stops making us act, feel and look like something we don’t want to be fulltime!!
Firstly you’ve got to stop feeding it. Sugar has to go, flours, breads and pasta, beans, rice….just eliminate gluten ok. Replacing the bad bacteria with good bacteria. I still consume fermented foods, I cut back on ferments when I’m feeling a little dusty and change to coconut kefir and kombucha and sauerkraut. Getting stress under control is important. Our gut and brain are big talkers, they spend all day chatting about what we are putting in and how it nourishes our bodies. When your brains off, your guts off. Simple stress strategies help. Exercise, yoga, meditation (yes I meditate daily and trust me I would never have thought I could do it years ago). A diet that is rich in good meats, fresh organic wholesome vegetables is important. Coconut oil is a great candida fighter, taking supplements of Vitamin D3, oil of oregano in small doses help with killing of the fungus. Candida can be controlled but it’s important to know the triggers before it gets out of control. If you feel like you’ve upped your sugar, fruit and feel off and not sure why then really consider Candida before you go to the doctor and get given Candida.

Keep Eating Real Food



It’s that time of year, time for resolutions. Last year I made the decision to take my health into my own hands and really focus on wellness more so than just every fad diet I could.

I have been Fodmap/Paleo for a few years (without realising until Paleo became cool) then 2013 saw me go back to traditional basics and a primal way of life and diet. I looked back on the year of 2013 and secretly high fived myself as I did what I wanted in health and wellness. So where to for 2014? Is it called maintenance? I’m sure some people call it that, for me I’m going to call it continuing wellness. But I need goals, something to strive for and achieve and review at least 4 times throughout the year (yes I’m pedantic and yes I’m a devoted goal setter) so here is list.


Continue clean primal eating

Continue fitness

Get the whole family on board with clean and green (remove the last of the grain from hubby)

Half Marathon Great Ocean Road

Run for kids

Melb Marathon

City to surf

Learn to swim (lap swimming)

Buy a road bike

Ride in a race

Try a triathlon

Train for Iron Woman

Visit Reike





really work on establishing myself locally

Book more weddings

Approach real estates (for photography)

Start food ebook (I have been slowly compiling)

Approach chefs and restaurants (for photography business)

Network, network, network

Build our businesses (landscaping and photography)

Visit business people who can influence positively



learn more about nutrition (study more)

Read more

Smile more, laugh more

Meditate/practise more yoga

Surround myself with positive powerful people

Appreciate my life and not someone elses

Believe in myself

Help others achieve their health and wellness goals

Support people on their journey



Camp more

Live with less (less material things and more real things)

Spend half an hour a day chatting with no distractions (no phones, no TV, just sitting and talking)

Check in daily about feelings, work, adventures


Show love not say love

Be active together

Cook together

Eat together


I started all this yesterday. I sat down with my daughter and checked off about 10 things. We laughed, smiled, read, dressed up, exercised, chatted. I learnt that I need to practise my goals EVERYDAY! Everything can be done daily (of course my fitness ones are a gradual thing) My husband and I spent an hour last night talking about 2014 goals, today we both woke up fresh and in tune with each other.

Give it a go, don’t make resolutions, make goals, review them and hold yourself accountable by putting them out there. Email me your goals, share them with friends, loved ones, or a stranger. One they are public they are real and there is no reason why you can’t achieve them.

Start today!!


Who is jumping on board the 100% Natural Raw C Smoothie Challenge? It’s one a day, green smoothie goodness!!

I have my green smoothie everyday, always the same ingredients (check my food diary for recipe) but I was excited about my favourite Coconut Water company realising a month long of awesome recipes for me to try. Check out Natural Raw C and get on board, I’m having Day 1 right now


Natural Raw C

natural raw c