It’s that time of year, time for resolutions. Last year I made the decision to take my health into my own hands and really focus on wellness more so than just every fad diet I could.

I have been Fodmap/Paleo for a few years (without realising until Paleo became cool) then 2013 saw me go back to traditional basics and a primal way of life and diet. I looked back on the year of 2013 and secretly high fived myself as I did what I wanted in health and wellness. So where to for 2014? Is it called maintenance? I’m sure some people call it that, for me I’m going to call it continuing wellness. But I need goals, something to strive for and achieve and review at least 4 times throughout the year (yes I’m pedantic and yes I’m a devoted goal setter) so here is list.


Continue clean primal eating

Continue fitness

Get the whole family on board with clean and green (remove the last of the grain from hubby)

Half Marathon Great Ocean Road

Run for kids

Melb Marathon

City to surf

Learn to swim (lap swimming)

Buy a road bike

Ride in a race

Try a triathlon

Train for Iron Woman

Visit Reike





really work on establishing myself locally

Book more weddings

Approach real estates (for photography)

Start food ebook (I have been slowly compiling)

Approach chefs and restaurants (for photography business)

Network, network, network

Build our businesses (landscaping and photography)

Visit business people who can influence positively



learn more about nutrition (study more)

Read more

Smile more, laugh more

Meditate/practise more yoga

Surround myself with positive powerful people

Appreciate my life and not someone elses

Believe in myself

Help others achieve their health and wellness goals

Support people on their journey



Camp more

Live with less (less material things and more real things)

Spend half an hour a day chatting with no distractions (no phones, no TV, just sitting and talking)

Check in daily about feelings, work, adventures


Show love not say love

Be active together

Cook together

Eat together


I started all this yesterday. I sat down with my daughter and checked off about 10 things. We laughed, smiled, read, dressed up, exercised, chatted. I learnt that I need to practise my goals EVERYDAY! Everything can be done daily (of course my fitness ones are a gradual thing) My husband and I spent an hour last night talking about 2014 goals, today we both woke up fresh and in tune with each other.

Give it a go, don’t make resolutions, make goals, review them and hold yourself accountable by putting them out there. Email me your goals, share them with friends, loved ones, or a stranger. One they are public they are real and there is no reason why you can’t achieve them.

Start today!!


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