Coconut Kefir

I cannot stress enough how important gut health is and I will go on about it for as long as it takes for me to convince the world of it’s benefits.

Kefir as you know is a super probiotic drink (so much more powerful than all the commercial branded and supermarket sugar loaded drinks) Fermenting milk and water with kefir grains produces millions of good bacteria that helps our guts sort out the good and bad and keeps our temple happy and wholesome. For most people the background of kefir (not unlike Kombucha) is not that appetising but the long of the short is that good bacteria in our gut stimulates our immune system, inhibits pathogens and helps breakdown food for digestion. It is even known to assist with women’s hormones and mood imbalances (as we all know what that gut feeling is like)

When we eat unhealthy food, take medication, alcohol, drugs, get sick, the bad bacteria thrives in our guts making us feel worse and leading us down the spiral of illness by lowering our immunity to other parasites. By combining a healthy wholesome diet with balanced fat, protein and carbohydrates and mixing it with the superness of Kefir you will have one powerhouse of good bacteria, a happy function gut and feel on top of the world.

A round of applause please for KEFIR……



As a lactose intolerant person it has been a hard road to go without any form of dairy as my family and friends love cheese, coffees, cakes, yoghurt and all things dairy. Coconut is great alternative and as you see in all my sweets I use a lot of it. Coconut cream and coconut in general is high in saturated FAT (something we have spent over a decade avoiding) but as research as shown in recent times that the fat in coconuts is not at detrimental to our health as first stated therefore it is becoming a superfood very fast.




Coconut Kefir


3 270ml Tins of Ayam Coconut Cream (full fat premium is 100% natural, BPA and contains nothing more than coconut)

Or alternatively flesh of 3 coconuts blended to form cream


Place cream into a 600ml or larger jar. If your cream is separated, use two cans in full and 1 can of just the top solids (this provides a great foundation for a thick creamy kefir)


Place 1-2 Tbsp of Kefir grains into the coconut cream and stir gently with a non metal spoon.



Place the jar with cheesecloth or paper towel (rubberband down) in a dark warm spot for 24 hours.

Taste the kefir (it should be tangy but not sour)

Pour kefir into a non metal strainer and let the cream separate from the grains. You may need to gently help as the kefir can be thick.

Rinse the grains off once strained and you are ready to again.

I like to jar my coconut kefir up and either flavour with fresh berries or cinnamon and vanilla and leave with a lid this time in the same place for another few hours to ferment some more.


Alternatively you can house them in real full fat milk or raw milk. I actually advise that after every second batch that you ferment in dairy as the grains thrive for lactose and sugar and need it to stay alive. You can either use that dairy kefir or discard it.



Now it’s important you follow these rules.

No metal, no lids, to mixing once it is fermenting.


Enjoy with some activated buckinis, fresh fruit, a smoothie bowl, frozen or just plain.

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