Protein Packed Breakfast

Somedays I am pressed for time and need to eat on the run.

Being super organised and preparing for those days is key to continuing on the real food journey and not having to stop in at the cafe for a croissant. I have many a times stopped off for a convenient breakfast…my whole pregnancy was that.


Breakfast Bake

1 Organic Zucchini
1 Organic Sweet Potato
2 Organic Carrots
4 Rash of Free Range Chemical free Bacon
8-12 Free range organic eggs
2 Tbsp ghee
salt and pepper
mix of herbs (oregano, basil, chives and parsley are my choices)
1 tbsp tapioca or coconut flour

Grate, peel into ribbons, spiralize the vegetables anyway you like.

Dice Bacon and slightly cook

Whisk eggs, add flour and salt and pepper and herbs and ghee

Combine everything in lined baking dish and bake for 30-40 mins at 180c

Keep in fridge for the week and cut as needed. Or portion and freeze.
Note- zucchini becomes quite watery when cooked so the flour is essential to absorb some liquid during cooking. It also helps hold its consistency once cool and frozen.

Great for post workout breakfast when you need to fuel your body. My daughter has this at least every second day for breakfast lunch or dinner.

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