Easter Feaster

We don’t indulge in a lot of sweets (although I do share a lot of recipes) and rarely crave sugar. The natural sugars we consume come from fruits, but after being sugar free for sometime I rarely crave the sweet stuff and find that my ‘treats’ are really not that sweet. With commercial retailers and big supermarkets refusing to adapt a real food approach for kids, I cook everything for my daughter.

This week being Easter and leading up to a weekend with relatives that don’t have dietary requirements it’s important to me that she doesn’t feel like she is missing out and that she doesn’t feel like the others are doing something she is ‘not allowed’ to do. So we have started our week with some easter treats.


Buckwheat Cinnamon Maple Drop Scones


Forgot to include cinnamon in the ingredients…….
Add 1 tsp to the mix.

Buckwheat is packed with protein is grain-free and a good carbohydrate. Often people avoid any binding agent and use banana and eggs as they are afraid of carbohydrates in their diet. I soak my flours to remove any phytic acid but I also buy the best quality baking goods too.

Maple Syrup is not a refined sugar although I don’t recommend guzzling it nor adding it to everything if you have a sweet tooth. It is a small amount to add to this and as your palate changes you’ll use less and less. I don’t add fruits to these as I want them to keep without having to freeze.


Add  little superfoods if you want (maca, chia, camu camu etc)



All week I will be sharing recipes that I make for my family that suit the Easter theme yet are healthier than commercial options that you could use anytime for the family when time comes for a sweet indulgence.

Enjoy time with family and friends by being prepared for any social event. Offer to take a salad, meats, slice, savoury snacks. It’s a great way to contribute to the occasion and it also covers you and family without it being too obvious. And who knows, everyone else will probably taste your foods and think they are amazing and you may persuade someone over Easter to drop the CRAP and eat REAL FOOD.


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