Bone Broth for Winter Immunity

We all know the power of bones and the nutrients that are so beneficial for us, right?! Well if you don’t you should read up on it and really get to know good bones in our animal produce.
I’m lucky in the country to source our meats and bones through trusted farmers and butchers so I know where they are coming from and with how they are raised.
Pasture fed meat and bones are very important to me. No 1 because I love animals and believe that they should be treated well whether their purpose is to fatten them for killing (after all The Lion King taught us the circle of life) but also because as a meat eater I care about what meat I eat and know that what chickens, cows, sheep, ducks and pigs eat affect their health and in turn their meat and then me.

This is an old recipe but it’s failsafe and I can’t share it enough as it has been a big game changer in my health.

One way we nourish our bodies and build defence against overgrowth as well as eliminating inflammation, cleansing our system and establish building blocks for ultimate health is through bone broth. Wonderful gelatinous goodness that I strongly suggest adding to your lifestyle NOW. Add it to every meal you can, add it to your daily diet, especially now winter is coming you want to build a strong temple.

My two favourite recipes:



Chicken Bone Broth (in the slow cooker)

Either a cooked chicken carcass (we roast a chicken a week)
Chicken necks, wings, feet (raw)

A couple of carrots chopped
Onion chopped (optional of course we are an onion free house)
Green Beans
Kale, Spinach, Cabbage (the left overs that haven’t gone to compost or whats left in the fridge)

1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (this helps bring all the goodness out of the bones and into the broth)
2 tsp Himalayan Salt
Herbs of choice (bay leaf, oregano, thyme, basil)

Water (filtered preferably)

Put everything in the slow cooker, set to low and leave for 24-36 hours (yes that long)
Strain the Broth and leave to cool.
Depending on the collagen from the bones your broth can turn to jelly (this is good, very good)
Add Great Lakes Gelatin if you like (buy from here)
Portion and freeze


Beef Bone Broth (two steps)

Buy your bones from the butcher. If you’ve got a good butcher they’ll give them to you for nothing
Roast the bones for 3 hours at 180
Transfer to slow cooker

Just as above add a few veggies, herbs, ACV, water

Cook on Low for 24-36 hours and strain, cool and jar up!


We freeze ours in recycled jars of different sizes. We have it with our meals  as a drink, we make soups, gravies, stews, casseroles. Anything we can. My daughter loves a cup of broth with her lunch. I love broth an egg and lacto-fermented veggies….so nourishing.


Best thing about broth, you just leave it to do its thing and then reap the benefits.
Try some this week, it will truly change your life!

Keep eating real food!

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