Lunch Alternatives

Do you buy alternatives to gluten? Wraps, breads, rice cakes etc? I don’t want to disappoint you, as they are the one alternative most people clasp when they choose or have to go GF but please take a close look at what you are actually eating. Wraps, breads, and rice cakes all contain artificial ingredients, yes they say ‘preservative and additive free’ but I’m sorry to say that’s a total pack of lies. Yes they are not the deadliest of substitutes but please do yourself and your family a favour and instead of counting calories count the chemicals and read the ingredients not just the nutritional label.

There are far better options out there and far healthier alternatives. Eggs make a great substitute for anything ‘bread’ wise. They are a little package of fats, protein and you can do so much with the little fella’s.
We got creative this week and made a quick and easy ‘wrap’ buy simply making an omelette. I let it cool, added some chicken, cucumber, avocado and red grapes and it was delicious.


Think outside the box when substituting.


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