Living in the NOW


Not food related, totally personal waffle………

I’ve got some big surprises coming up on the blog and also in collaboration with some other brilliant women that live a wholefoods, paleo inspired lifestyle, I’m excited!

But first I want to share,  a ‘get to know me better’ kind of post.

I don’t often share myself (personally) and as you know in my bio this blog was a personal project to help with illnesses, mind-boggling woman stuff and becoming a mum and living ‘REAL’ through wholefoods and wholeliving. But as the community grows, as more knowledge is available on eating right, living right etc there has been an overwhelming sense of ‘what the blooming heck am I doing?!’ so I thought I’d share that and hopefully get some people, nodding and smiling along the way and because I could burst if I don’t verbally vomit something to type.

I stand confident, walk to the beat of my own drum and do what I do for the greater good of my family and myself. I love my health and fitness, I fell in love with food a decade ago when I found out that I couldn’t eat half the planets food supplies and then I became a photographer and married the two together (hence my images). I come across ‘all together’ I got this world thing going on, I don’t worry…STOP!

Truth is…………………..

I am all that, I live with grace, but I’m a worry wart. I worry about everything. I question everything….it’s hereditary or something. I read into EVERYTHING-I’ve been told it’s a woman thing and sheeesh if it is we’re all doomed. So, I worry about what you say, how I look, what I wear, eat, talk, burp, fart, everything!! It’s tiresome really. It’s a ‘thing’. I’m sure that it’s caused by lack of gluten and dairy- I tell myself that anyway as there is no known cure to being a ‘woman’. I also think too much; I think that I’ll come across as an impostor, I’ll miss the boat and then someone else would take the cake. As a woman you get it allll the bloody time, right?! I remind myself daily not to ‘worry’ and fill my life with positive affirmations on being that flower that blooms and doesn’t care about others, but it’s hard. In a competitive world where everyone wants to succeed, become the next ‘big thing’ who wouldn’t think twice, thrice!!

Okay so now that’s out in the open I’ll get to my point. I ventured out of my ‘comfort zone’ and started making bigger plans for the future. I am very goal orientated and am always striving for something as I want to conquer world hunger; but they are calculated goals and I have usually spoken to my husband 100 million times before deciding I’m going ahead with it and that’s usually because ‘ol mate down the road’ MUST be judging me (in my head anyway) or someone looked at me different so I can’t do what I thought was a cool idea. You get my drift?! I lack self-confidence (is that it)

Anyway; I’ve had some sort ‘awakening’ in the past two weeks. Whether it be through meditation, yoga or a change in me personally or new networking; I am seeing my path clearer. I know what’s coming up (kind of) and that what I have been dreaming of the last year can actually happen and that I am totally responsible for that.

So stick with me as over the next month you will see a shift, a change in gears as I grow and develop and create my dreams and goals into my future.

You may have noticed some movement on the social media pages, if not jump on and ‘Like’ RealFood Mum Blog and also a trend in some recipes of late. Well lo and behold the first step in my career path is there is an e-book in the making. I am in production at the moment collating old and new recipes based on Real Wholefood Living. There will be some features in there, some resources, but mostly a whole lot of yummo mummo recipes. It’s been a huge goal since forever ago and well it’s about time
I have so much to share and am teaming up with some freaking amazing people to create this ‘wholefoods’ ‘wholelife’ thing I have wanted to be a part of for so long. Working along side like minded people who are as passionate as you is liberating. I know I can strive to achieve my future based on foods, community support, photography and of course conquering world hunger come to life

Can’t hold me back anymore…….(I dig Elsa from Frozen clearly). But I’ll still worry what others think, read into everything but believe in it a little less.

Some positive affirmations for you if you too are a woman and feel this way. If not then please share your secrets.



PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Thanks for listening, next post is delicious I promise.  A tried and tested Newbie for Winter.

Keep living Real





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