It’s important to drink Water in Winter as it is in Summer, we need it for hydration, help circulation and for general welling being. The unfortunate thing is we often don’t feel thirsty especially for a cold water.
Here’s some handy tips to help you drink more water this winter.

1. On wake up drink 1 cup of warm water with lemon. Then 1 litre over the space of 30 minutes (I drink pre workout, post workout, pre-shower, while making breakfast) It’s important we rehydrate from a nights sleep.

2. Drink Herbal Teas (not sugar infused, ‘natural’ flavour teas) A good herbal tea (chai, liquorice, lemon, ginger, turmeric, make some yourself) Don’t count the milk as water.

3. Add fruit to your water (lemon, kiwi, orange) add some apple cider vinegar too. Add water to smoothies instead of milks and other alternatives (mix half and half)

4. Have water on hand all the time. Drink a glass whenever you look at your bottle, tap etc

5. Don’t count coffee, soft drink and fruit juice as water.

If cold water is not your thing, have it at room temp. I always forget to drink water so these 5 tips have really helped me with my winter intake.



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