Organ Meats…Benefits Galore!

Organ Meats…Benefits Galore!

Do you eat Organ Meats? Ask me a year ago and I would’ve gagged at the thought of heart, tongue etc, patè I’ve always loved.
I decided to try a bit of liver solo when making our fortnightly batch of patè, I was pleasantly surprised. Now we enjoy it in as many dishes we can (sometimes without the family knowing).
I love Chris Kresser L.Ac and read his articles all the time. Check his article on the benefits of organ meats.

Rainbow Salad and Liver

2 thoughts on “Organ Meats…Benefits Galore!”

  1. I think meat eaters should eat more organ meats. So many people only eat the very blandest, low-nutrient, neatly packaged of cuts. I think pate is a great intro to organ meats and I haven’t met a meat eater who doesn’t like pate. I don’t really like liver on it’s own though. I’ve have tried, ordering it at nice restaurants, only to be disappointed I didn’t enjoy it.

    Hearts is a great organ meat to move onto, if you get the chance, try grilled hearts at a Japanese grill. They are phenomenal. I convinced my friend to try hearts for the first time and her immediate reaction was that it tasted like bacon. Not a bad review 🙂


    1. I really need to find some good organ meat. I would love to try more. I love different foods and tastes and mixing with herbs and spices. I eat liver every few days for lunch with salad. Sumac and Basil are a great seasoning too, but I also love the liver taste. I will definitely be getting into heart now you’ve suggested it.


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