Got an Egg, got a light tasting olive oil? DONE!
Skip the Mayo aisle and opt for homemade. It’s better for you, you can add some whey to make it even more beneficial and it can be made to taste as you see fit. Turn it into aioli, coleslaw dressing, a fermented mustard, puree with sauerkraut, kimchi…..get my drift?!

So easy and done in 10 seconds!!!

10 Second Mayonnaise


  • Add 1 whole egg to a pyrex like jug (2 cup size)
  • Pour a lightly flavoured olive oil to fill to 1 cup (lightly flavoured as a full bodied olive oil doesn’t work. Alternatively use Macadamia or Avocado Oil)
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Use a barmix hand mixer and submerge head on top of egg
  • Press high (or whatever setting on your barmix)
  • It will coagulated without too much force into a thick mayonnaise
  • Add a squeeze of lemon, some mustard powder or some apple cider vinegar (go slow with amounts and taste)

It’ll keep for 5 days on it’s own.

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