Grainfree Tabbouleh

This is a family favourite in our house and a weekly fridge staple as we find that the salad gets better and better as the days go by. What you will need: 1 Cauliflower 1 Cucumber 2 Cups of cherry tomatoes 1 Big bunch of Mint 1 Big bunch of Parsely salt and pepper 1 … Continue reading Grainfree Tabbouleh

Lunchbox Ideas

When it comes to lunches and filling lunchboxes for kids I often hear the saddened sigh or a cringe on faces. I love filling my girl’s planet box every evening for the next day whether it be for home, care or travel. But what do I put in there you say? How does it keep … Continue reading Lunchbox Ideas

Slow cooker- Roast Lamb 3 ways

To be honest I never believed in just putting a piece of meat in the slow cooker and leaving it for 8 hours and trusting that it would be cooked and delicious come dinner time. Well after hearing a lot of people doing it I thought, what the hell lets give it a go with … Continue reading Slow cooker- Roast Lamb 3 ways

Grainfree Flatbread (failsafe)

Why is it that you try to make a recipe over and over and either don’t like the taste or fail at it being anywhere near the picture you see?! Well it happens to me a lot! I’ve committed to now just creating my own versions on gut instinct and they work (always after the … Continue reading Grainfree Flatbread (failsafe)