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Ups and Downs and what foods effect us

Lately I’ve had the ups and downs and trying to pinpoint where it is coming from.


I think sometimes my ups and downs come from thinking and over complicating things by analysing everything I have eaten to see what it is. It has made me realise that if I didn’t eat off the straight and narrow then I wouldn’t feel down and I wouldn’t get bogged down in the analysis of food food food. So lets explore foods and how they effect us.

It’s been written over an over that gluten is the killer for everything. I’m gluten sensitive so I haven’t consumed it for a long time BUT I do eat some ‘other grains’ now and again and since talking to Pete Evans last week and researching the process of non-gluten grains I have been convinced that it’s time to ditch the grain all together. Quinoa was my last hope of pretending to eat rice or pasta but now it’s onto cauliflower rice.

Sugars…I don’t eat ‘poison’ but I do have 100% organic canadian maple syrup. I don’t crave sugar but I feel like I’m missing out on life if I don’t consume something guilt free and sweet. I’m trying to stop and have now limited myself to homemade raw chocolate so it’s good fats and superfoods in one. 

I had greek yoghurt the other day…whoa! I was a walking, talking, crazy lady. Anything and everything made me angry and I had a fuse as long as fleas leg. It was the best version of greek yoghurt I could get too and because I was not home and need something to accompany my granola I opted for it. 

Casein….it’s in butter, milk and other dairy. It can be a trigger for a lot of mood disorders. I eat butter and ghee regularly as I believe it’s important to consume saturated fats.

Corn…..Australia doesn’t seem to have the same issues with corn as the U.S and I cannot be certain what happens to our canned stuff. And yes I did eat canned corn, it was not a proud moment but I hadn’t cooked corn and was lacing salad substance.


There are so many foods that trigger our moods and effect our behaviours. It’s important that we look into and research these foods and think about how they are effecting us rather than thinking that we are going crazy and being fed medications.

Also another huge thing is exercise and serotonin. I will touch on this in my next blog as it was the reason why I was ‘cured’ I guess you could say of PND and am obligated to practise some form of physical activity daily to keep my levels in check.


Have a fabulous weekend.