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Grainfree & Nutfree Banana Bread

Bananas seem to be everywhere in my house. My organic supplier has a new variety and I swear by day two they are twice the size. We love them though, especially when they go brown as they are better for our sensitive digestive system.

I had some ‘damaged goods’ so to speak (I dropped a large squash on a few ha) so it was to the mood board for some banana inspired recipes. Every recipe called for dates, sweetener, almond flour, tapioca, walnuts etc; we wanted a clean version as really come on a banana is sweet enough!

This is what we ended up with. …._MG_4104

A little flatter than normal and a little dense as I did forget to put the baking powder in until it was in the loaf tin so I mixed it around in tin…whoops. It also was hard to know when it was cooked (as with all coconut recipes I find). Let me know how yours turns out.



Banana Bread

grain free ,nut free, sugar free, dairy free, low FODMAP
preheat oven to 200c, line a loaf tin with baking paper
10 MINUTES             1 HOUR


3 Large Extra Ripe Bananas
5 Eggs
1/2 Cup Coconut Flour
1 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Tahini
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Vanilla


1. Add bananas to food process and whizz on high until a smooth paste.
2. Add Cinnamon and Tahini and whizz again until combined (the mix will turn brown)
3. Add Eggs and Oil while the food processor is going along with vanilla
4. Add Flour and Baking Powder last of all
5. Pour into a lined loaf tin
6. Bake at 200c for 50mins or until an inserted skewer comes out clean in the centre.

Cool slightly before slicing.
Slather with Butter and Enjoy.
Portion and freeze if it doesn’t get eaten in the first hour.


Watch for those little hands


Making Food Fun & Different

I get my 3 year in the kitchen at every opportunity.
We talk about vegetables and fruits, she mixes (aka messes), chop food, wash dishes- yes slave labor but she loves helping.

We cook a wide variety of foods a week. Frittata’s, Roast Meats and Vegetables, Seafood and Poultry Bakes, Slow cooked meals, Soups. It’s easier to organise the house that way.
But like everything I have to change it up or the same thing gets boring. Here is a great kids lunch option (or adult) using whatever you have really from fresh vegetables to left over roast vegetables to meats, tuna, sardines, organ meat (my favourite). The base is easy, nutritious, packed with saturated fats, protein and fibre these little babies will contribute to a large amount of your daily recommended intake.

Frittata Muffins

Nut free, paleo, whole foods, organic
this recipe makes 6 large muffin sized Frittata’s- double as required
10 MINUTES                     30 MINUTES
Frittata Muffins


5 Eggs
2 Tbsp Coconut Flour
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp of chosen herbs and spices
1 Tbsp grass-fed butter, ghee or coconut oil

6 Tomato Slices
6 Eggplant Sliced
6 Zucchini Sliced
6 Sweet Potato Slices
6 Tsp sized portions of spaghetti squash

1. Whisk eggs in a bowl
2. Add Flour and whisk. Set aside
3. Chop your vegetables to the same sized rounds as your muffin tray
4. Line with baking paper or oven proof cups (alternatively you can do individual ramekins, grease with coconut oil and line with bacon (YUM)
5. The egg mixture will have thickened, add butter,ghee or oil and salt and herbs and spices
6. Start with the vegetable the kids love place that on the bottom (tomato looks great)
7. Add a spoonful of egg mix (it should be thick like batter)
8. Keep layering with vegetable, egg, meat, egg and so on until you finish at top with egg.
9. Place in oven for 20 minutes or until the top is set
10. Turn out upside down


Enjoy with a side salad, relish, fermented vegetables, some cultured yoghurt. Pack in lunchboxes, freeze, let the kids eat these beauties all day and night long.
And don’t stop there. Turn all your regular whole food meals into a new creation. Don’t forget to #realfoodmumblog #realfoodmumblog recipes to share your creations


Recipe of the Day

Thursdays are Pizza night in our house.

There are many different types of gluten free pizza bases ranging from quinoa, cauliflower, almond and coconut flour. All great alternatives but are all still a little dense for me after an evening training session.

So I have invented (I’m sure someone else has produced this) an alternative that incorporates a few of the above and can be used for 3 things….WINNING


Savoury Pancake, Wrap, Pizza Base

Makes 2-4 (depending on thickness and size of pan)
Time 10 minutes 



  • 5 eggs (separated, egg whites whisked to fluffy)
  • Herbs of choice (love oregano, basil , chilli and thyme for pizza)
  • **1 heaped Tbsp Coconut flour (depending on egg consistency you may need to add a little extra)
  • pinch Himalayan salt


  • Whisk egg whites until fluffy, add beaten yolks and combine.
  • Add Flour.
    **You’re looking for a batter consistency, if you’re eggs are big or small you’ll need more or less but remember that coconut flour is thirsty so let the mixture sit before adding more of anything
  • Add herbs and salt and combine.
  • Now the cool bit….
  • Cut a sheet of parchment paper to the size of the saucepan you’ll use (You’ll need two of these cutouts- Make sure they cover the sides not just the bottom, you want to be able to pick the paper up)
  • Use a little of coconut oil and rub on the under side of one piece. Place in the heated saucepan.
  • Pour batter to cover base of saucepan. Thickness is entirely up to you. Thin for a wrap, thicker for pancake and pizza.
  • The base will start cooking pretty quickly. Like a pancake you’ll get those little bubbles and you’ll see that it’s cooking through.
  • Lift the paper and check the base, when it’s a golden brown and the top is setting its time to finish this baby off.
  • Remove the base and place the second parchment piece in the saucepan, flip the base into the pan.
  • The browning of this side will take only a few minutes, keep close watch.
  • Remove from the pan, leave to cool.
  • Top as you would a pizza, cook in oven for 5 minutes under grill
  • Add your favourite wrap ingredients and roll
  • Top with come cashew cheese, kefir cheese, chives and bacon and nom nom on a savoury pancake