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Cheesy Kale

Cheesy Kale

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Cheesy Kale ©sarahcravenphotography


  • 1 Cup Cashews, soaked at least 8 hours, rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 Cup Nutritional Yeast
  • 1/3 Cup water
  • 2 T Olive Oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Turmeric Powder
  • ½ tsp. Tarragon
  • Pinch Sea Salt



1. Soak Cashews for at least 6-8 hours, drain and rinse

2. Add to blender with rest of ingredients

3. Strip Kale from stems

4. In a bowl pour mix over kale and mix in well- I mixed mine, left to marinade for 10 minutes and then came back and massage through once more.
5. Pop on trays in the dehydrator for 4-6 hours* at 50c
*Note- I found that the more the kale had marinade the longer it took to dry so you might find that some pieces will need longer. 

Coconut Meat Wraps



What You Will Need:

1 Young Coconut (meat and water)

1 Dehydrator


Open Coconut 

Use the butt of a big knife and pierce the top of the coconut in a circle around the top. You need to use a bit of force so don’t be afraid to real whack the coconut. You’ll have bits of shell and juice flying everywhere so it can get a bit messy. Once you have pierced all around use the tip of the knife to pop open the top by placing it just under the pierced shell and twisting until the top of shell breaks fully away from the base. 

Pour coconut water into jar or jug (if the water is pink, chuck it, it’s off)

Scoop Meat out

Using a dessert spoon start scooping all the meat out. Don’t forget about the coconut at the top just under the opening.

Place Meat and about 1/4 Cup of coconut water into blender

Blend on high for 3 minutes until it resembles a thick goopy sludge. (You may meed less or more water depending on how much meat you scraped out but 1/4 cup is a good start)

Set your Dehydrator Up (use a pre cut sheet of baking paper or a specialised mat if you have a mesh or slotted base to your dehydrator. Alternatively you could use your oven)

Set Dehydrator to 55c- Set oven to lowest possible setting

Pour sludgy coconut mix onto dehydrator tray or oven tray. Spread evenly to 1/4 inch thick (you don’t want it too thin or thick)

Dehydrate for 3-6 hours (I checked mine at 4 hours and it was still a little sticky so i flipped it and left for another two hours)
The finished product resembles a fruit leather like wrap.
Fill with some fresh organic lettuce, pulled pork or roast chicken, homemade mayo and fresh heritage cherry tomatoes and enjoy
Keep Eating Real Food.

Activating Nuts

What does activating nuts and seeds mean??

Activated nuts and seeds have been made bio-active by a very simple process of soaking in salted water for a pre-determined period of time, draining them and then dehydrating them at a very low temperature in the oven or dehydrator. Nuts and seeds contain what is called phytic acid which prevents them from sprouting prematurely and stores lots of important nutrients. According to research when we consume phytic acid it reduces our body’s ability to absorb these nutrients. They also contain enzyme inhibitors which force the body to work over time to produce the enzymes necessary for digestion. This process makes our bodies work harder and digestion is longer & harder. It’s an unnecessary impact on our body.

Soaking nuts and seeds begins the process of germination thus breaking down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. This in turn make the nutrients a lot more readily available. There is also research to suggest that soaking your nuts and seeds for long periods of time actually increases their nutritional value, so why not do it?


I will give you my brief explanation of activating nuts and then let you try, make your changes and perfect your technique.


Activating Nuts

Cover nuts with water, add salt. Leave for the designated time on bench.
Drain, dry and put in oven or dehydrator. I use the oven as I’m not lucky enough to have a dehydrator. You want the lowest setting on the oven possible, wedge the oven door with a wooden spoon and leave the oven to do its stuff overnight if possible. You want dried nuts, not cooked so the lower the temp the better. I believe a dehydrator needs to be at about 50 so go with that.


Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts, Pine nuts, Hazlenuts
Soak: Salted water (1-2 teaspoons), overnight (or approximately 8 hours)
Dehydrate: 12-24 hours or until noticeably dry and crunchy

Soak: Salted water, overnight
Dehydrate: 12-24 hours. In my experience almonds take longer than the other nuts, for me around 15 hours. You really need to make sure they are very dry otherwise you will notice them going mouldy very quickly.

Soak: Salted water, 3-6 hours. Be careful with cashews – they can go slimy if left too long so keep an eye on them
Dehydrate: 12-15 hours

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
Soak: Salted water, overnight
Dehydrate: 12 -24 hours, typically i find 12 hours to be enough.

Sunflower seeds
As with pumpkin seeds though typically I find they are well and truly ready within 12 hours.