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2 weeks downtime


It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve shared a recipe, opinion, tidbit, or pointless part of my daily life. I’ve actually spent the last two weeks focusing on work. Photoshoots with amazing people like Lola Berry, product shoots with some amazing wellness businesses and collaborating with beautiful souls in the magazine industry. It’s really shifted me on a private path to prosperity where I never thought I’d end up. It’s been hectically refreshing and I am really excited and scared for my future but am a huge believer in serendipity and am ok with learning curves, failures, tests.
So I have been busy in the kitchen, in the fermenting HQ and with the camera and cannot wait to share with you some great food and projects next week. My two passions are merging more and more and it is truly exciting. Hang in there with me as we restore and revitalise RealFood Mum.

Meanwhile let’s throw back to a great breaky recipe for a Saturday morning. The mornings are warming, the sun is shining and it’s a great time for a smoothie bowl of nourishment. I know I’m having one in the morning

Have a fabulous wholefood realfood weekend

S xx


Food is Medicine



Sunday I had the privilege to be surrounded by some of Australia’s leading health coaches. A jam packed educational day held by Mindd (Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive and Developmental) Foundation and director Leslie Embersits. I was front row, edge of my seat pen and notebook in hand ready for a day of information and education.

The presenters were insightful and I absorbed every bit of information I could to bring it back to here and do what I love….educate more people about health, wellness and nourishment for them and their families.

Dr Christabelle Yeoh spoke in length about diet and children and the diseases associated with  Mindd impacts and how all these can be treated with diet and wellbeing practises. Dr Yeoh spoke about Gut health and the importance of good bacteria and how we can eat foods that will help build the foundations for an ideal digestive system however the world we live in forces a lot of outside influences that we need educating on so that we can live a healthy life. More on that this week

Now Maria Hunt….I fell in lust. Maria is a Body Ecology Practitioner and her opening line was ‘how is your bum’. I felt the instant connection with her. Not only is she about Gut health and but she follows it from what goes in to what comes out. Her presentation included fermenting cabbage and sampling (YUM) and Coconut Water Kefir. It was so reassuring to hear that what I do and how I care for my gut NOW is what I should be doing but I will warn you I will be blogging about the forbidden No2’s so if you’re not keen to get to know your bum bypass that post ha!

Pete Evans presented a segment on food is medicine. I have been a big fan of Pete’s cooking for a long time however it is only in the last couple of years that I have fallen head over as we share the same passion and health and nourishment especially when it comes to my families health. He spoke about the importance of fermented foods and a primal diet and how sometimes we are going it alone on our journey. He cooked some yummy smelling food in miso soup and a chicken larb. Pete was great to listen to because like mostly everyone that has found their health and healing path to good food and good health and wellness, his past was not ‘clean’. He is so passionate about changing the way people cook and eat food and source not the best quality but the right foods; wild fish, organic veggies; free range, grass fed….more than anything, know where your food is coming from and how.

Helen Padarin showed us how sugar free can be yummy and fun with cauliflower popcorn….yes I know but my daughter loves it (recipe to come), gelatin gummies, liver and beef meatballs and some more yummy fermented cabbage. Helen has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NourishEd?ref=ts&fref=ts  and has a great book on birthday, lunch box foods for kids called Nourishing Nippers. Highly recommend checking out some awesome recipes for the kids. Helen also talked about fuelling our bodies with nourishing foods and how herbs and spices heal us. One quote I took from Helen was ‘animal’s feed us, vegetables clean us’ so simple and so true; it’s important that we eat the best quality grass fed meat and clean our bodies with organic fresh in season vegetables.

Nicole Biljsma made me scared to re-enter my house after her talk on healthy homes and how mould exists and can kill you. Nicole is a building biologists and I am completely fascinated with her findings on chemicals mould, dust mites, electromagnetic fields and how all these contribute to our health. To hear her story of 10 miscarriages and how she looked into her house and what she was surrounded by was contributing to that and how she fell pregnant natural WITH TWINS once she changed where she was living and how. It was remarkable, makes you really think about what you are  living in and what impact it is having on your life and health.

Jacqi Deighan was the last of the day and really showed everyone that as long as you have your stables (fruit, vegetables, grains-if you eat them, and tinned tomatoes, legumes-if you eat them) you can pretty much cook everyday and night within 10-15 mins. We tasted a delicious fritatta made from left over roast vegetables, she cooked a broth with salmon and a quick and easy nourishing salad (recipes to come). For busy mums, working or not or simply when you have little time to prepare and cook it is possible to ovoid buying something, spending unnecessary money etc. Jacqi was a great and refreshing end to the day.

Mindd Foundation do amazing work with families and children all over Australia and they are doing everything they can to educate and change the future of preventable diseases but they do need support from us as a nonprofit organisation. Check out Mindd and the wonderful things they are doing for our future generations.


You are what you eat……REALLY!

Three years ago if someone stated you are what you eat I would’ve replied with ‘well call me a McDonalds Large Coke and Fries with a side of couch potato’ I was addicted to it and previous to that call me ‘redbull and snickers and binge drinking and clubbing’ I was a young, busy, working full time, then trying to work out this mothering business and because I was still 52kg I was ok with it. A good friend told me at my sickest time that my body was my temple and that if I didn’t take care of it then what did I expect?! I guess that is when my life really did change. Yes it started to change about 7 years ago but it wasn’t until I had my little girl that I realised someone other than me needed me in their life, I was a mum.

So since then I started to devote myself to a better way of living and eating. Yes there were hiccups and maybe it took a lot of breakdowns and illnesses to get there and maybe I was waiting for that one diagnosis that told me it was fatal and there was nothing I could do, but I am healing now. My life, my love, my health is all on the journey to greatness and I want the same for you too. I am not going to sit here and type about how you can do a,b,c and feel wonderful and stop doing a,b,c and you will heal, I’m going to say that there will come a time when you look at yourself and state ‘you are what you eat’ and really think about what that means to you?!

Do me a favour, have a fabulous weekend, think about what you are feeding your temple (food, thought etc) I want you to note how that makes you feel and think?! And then what? Change it. Make it a priority to feed yourself things that will ignite your temple. Go see a Naturopath on Monday, join a gym, sign up a workout buddy, go to the markets and buy all your produce fresh and organic. Then tell me how you fell and tell me what ‘you are what you eat’
Live, Love, Laugh

Where I want to be in 12 months

Wow, isn’t it a great statement? Have you asked yourself where you want to be? Usually for me it’s every New Years Eve or EOFY where I pledge my hopes and dreams and aspirations.

But why now?! Why not?! So often we leave all our goals to one time of the year, but this time I am making sure that I look back review and re-establish where I am and where I am heading.

July I set myself a target business wise. I wanted to ram my photography business up a notch and get into weddings. I set myself goals-branding, marketing, research, experience. Well in one months time I will be shooting my first wedding. And I have two more booked after that. I would ultimately love to be inundated with work but small baby steps.
In the meantime I am thinking more business ventures. I want to do more with my passion of photography and really hone in my other loves and passions-health, wellbeing, life and food. I’m thinking food photography. Not just any food photography. I want to aim high!! Lets look at getting published, working for a magazine. I want to incorporate my love of healthy, real foods, yoga, exercise and all that’s in between and be able to advocate and express my passion through images.

What are your goals for the next 12 months? Where do you want to be and why?


Let’s work together and help each other achieve greatness in all aspects of life. Networking can lead to amazing achievements and really help you reach your goals and dreams

Food & Lifestyle

So now that we are all organic and heading towards becoming self sustainable I decided to compile a list of the things I buy weekly and how I can source them somewhere other than the supermarket!

Supermarkets are full over priced chemical laid food choices that are purely there for the consumer to buy and get fat. There is low fat, low sugar everything and of course that is the cheapest option there, so of course low income earners (like myself) are attracted to the shelf price as well as the nutritional label. I think it is time that people became educated on exactly what you are putting in your mouth and what it is doing to your body! As someone that had been there, done that I can not stress on how important it is to know what you are putting in your mouth and stomach and better yet your children’s.

I can understand how all the numbers and words that you need to google just to pronounce are overwhelming. It took me a long time to get my head around it and a lot of study. Thanks to The Chemical Maze it has become easier for consumers to understand what those ingredients are and what they all mean.

Download to your IPhone or Android today  chemical maze